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Motion Analysis/Palpitation at Bridger Chiropractic Clinic

Motion Analysis was brought to the United States in 1981 and quickly gained acceptance as a standard diagnostic tool for the chiropractic profession. Motion palpation is now taught in chiropractic colleges throughout the world including Western States Chiropractic College.

How It Works

Bozeman Chiropractors use Motion Analysis

Motion Analysis improves range of motion by finding and correcting subluxations

Motion Palpation is a diagnostic technique used to locate joint dysfunction within the spinal column and extremities.This method of spinal analysis, also called Motion Analysis, is based upon the conclusion that a vertebra cannot be displaced or remains displaced if some anomaly in the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, articular capsule, etc.) does not cause and perpetuate its malposition.

Therefore a study of the normal and abnormal movements of all the vertebral joints and eventually all the extra spinal joints was done to determine whatever anomalies in motion could be found in relation to subluxations. Methods of palpating, and later of measuring mobilities, were developed before and after different adjustments.

A thorough Examination For Complete Healing

Motion Analysis/Palpation was created as a system of spinal analysis, which permits an easy examination of the spine, both in pinpointing the different subluxations and in determining their types. This system also serves in determining direction and force of adjustment.

It was found that subluxations could be classed according to the degree of restriction of mobility. It was also found that correction of the fixation usually has a spontaneous correcting effect on smaller fixations. Furthermore, when the key fixation in any series is discovered and corrected, there was found to be a series of fixations which usually occurred together and disappeared together.

Benefits of Motion Analysis

A thorough history, examination and X-rays are used to determine if a subluxation to be adjusted is the site of any pathology. Clinical diagnosis is also necessary to determine if a medical specialist is needed before proceeding with adjustment. Motion Analysis is a comprehensive diagnostic technique that helps the doctor to apply treatment in the most beneficial way.

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