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Bozeman Rehab Therapist | Parker Chadwick


Parker Chadwick

Everything I Need is Right Here

Parker Chadwick is a local to the Gallatin Valley and is well aware of the active lifestyle lived by many Montanans. “The landscape and people are so wonderful,” he says, “Everything I need is right here. Montana is a calling; living here you can’t help but want to be robust and lively.”

The Road to Health

Parker started his journey as an early teenager. As his fellow classmates grew and matured, Parker stayed heavily overweight. “I was an overweight teenager, the ‘pudgy’ kid, if you will.” One day, Parker took it upon himself to make a change in his life and has never looked back. He started exercising and eating healthy. “I knew right away this couldn’t be a fad, I needed to make a lifestyle change. I needed to commit to living right; I owed it to my body.”

This road to health inspired Parker to continue his education here at home at Montana State University, studying Health and Human Performance with a secondary focus in coaching and psychology.

Functional Fitness

In his studies, Parker became fascinated with functional fitness. “Functional fitness, to me, is a way to keep the body strong in all aspects of life.” Functional means that you are able to efficiently perform day to day tasks without discomfort or pain; that the body and all its muscles are working in unison.

A large part of having a functional body is making sure everything is in alignment, and that comes solely from chiropractic care. The fitness part pertains to your overall health and not just physical health but mental as well. Proper nutrition and daily physical activity will keep both the body and the mind young and healthy.

“Chiropractic care has been a large part of my life. It is the reason I am able to stay so active and maintain my functionality.”

Part of the Team

Parker joined the Bridger Chiropractic team as a part of our ever expanding service to make sure our patients are provided with the absolute best care available to increase your quality of life. Parker is working in our new Rehabilitation room where he will apply doctor prescribed exercises to ensure that you maintain the care provided by Dr. Purser or Dr. Jones. Let Parker be a part of your experience here at Bridger Chiropractic Clinic. Come in and see him today!

“Bridger Chiropractic Clinic is here to make sure nothing stops you in your life adventures.”

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