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Meet Dr. Ellen Purser (Retired)

Chiropractor Bozeman, Dr. Ellen PurserDr. Purser is retired as of September 2021. Dr. Kenslie McOmber will be continuing care for all of her patients. 

If you ask Dr. Purser what she enjoys most about the practice of chiropractic, she’ll tell you that she loves seeing people reclaim their health and make a connection between their lifestyle and their health while achieving their goals.

“It’s fun to see them understand the relationship between how you treat your body and the way your body responds. Many people have lost that connection, have you?”

A Lifelong Interest in Good Health

Dr. Purser has always had an interest in non-traditional medicine and helping people improve their health. As a longtime social worker, she became frustrated working in the mental health system and began studying Chinese medicine, herbology, and various other forms of healing. She eventually attended chiropractic school to help people heal, naturally.

Following a car accident in 2006, Dr. Purser’s health declined to a dangerous level. During the five year recovery time, Dr. Purser was introduced to Nutritional Response Testing and through this, found not only a way to restore her own health, but a way to help enhance the health and wellness of others. This has become her passion and a major part of her practice.

A Family Affair

After graduating from Western States Chiropractic College (now University of Western States) in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Purser opened her own practice with locations in Ennis and Bozeman. Several years later, she and Dr. Jones married and changed the name of the practice to Bridger Chiropractic as a reflection of the range that Dr. Purser refers to as “our mountains.” She and Dr. Jones live at the base of the mountains, and you can see the entire range from the practice’s windows.

Providing an Alternative to Prescription Drugs

“People don’t know there is an option to the world of pharmaceuticals,” says Dr. Purser. “Most people don’t understand the power of the kind of healing that comes from chiropractic and Nutrition Response Testing.”

In fact, Dr. Purser says that her patients’ expectations get higher as they learn how healthy their bodies can be – many are able to stop taking lifelong drug for things like diabetes, thyroid disease, and high blood pressure.

Getting Personal

Outside of work, Dr. Purser enjoys gardening, spending time with her large family, and photography. In fact, many of the photos you’ll see on this website are photos that she’s taken, and she invites you to take a look at her photo blog. Dr. Purser is also an active volunteer for Community Cafe and Family Promise here in Bozeman.

Dr. Purser is continually enhancing her chiropractic knowledge by attending educational seminars, pursuing online training, and is always reading something related to health.

She is a member of both the Montana Chiropractic Association and the American Chiropractic Association.

Call us today to set up your appointment and get started toward your best health.

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