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Chiropractic Care

At Bridger Chiropractic Clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you reach your goals, whatever they may be. If you simply want to get out of pain, we’ll work to alleviate it as quickly as possible. If you seek correction of your condition, we’ll help you with that, too. The care that we provide is focused on you and what you would like to achieve.

There are several techniques that we use in your chiropractic care:

Activator Methods® – Using a handheld, spring-loaded instrument, adjustments are delivered using a low-force thrust.

Cox Technique – This technique uses a special table to apply the distraction spinal manipulation adjustment.

Diversified – A manual adjusting technique, Diversified is used to free up stuck spinal joints.

Drop Table – This specific chiropractic method is a variation of the Diversified Technique. It uses a unique table with several segments called drop pieces, which aid the thrust while reducing the force applied for the manipulation/adjustment.

PulStar – This technique uses modern technology to free-up joint fixation, relieve muscle spasm and restore normal joint function.

Quantum Neurology® – This unique and cutting-edge healing system uses the nervous system to guide the patient’s care.

Total Body Modification – This advanced kinesiology technique identifies imbalances in the body using muscle testing, then restores balance by stimulating reflex points on the spine.

Kids, moms, seniors and everyone in between are welcome at our practice. Contact us today to arrange your first appointment or discuss the benefits of chiropractic!


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