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Chiropractic Care

At Bridger Chiropractic Clinic, we’re dedicated to helping you reach your goals, whatever they may be. If you simply want to get out of pain, we’ll work to alleviate it as quickly as possible. If you seek correction of your condition, we’ll help you with that, too. The care that we provide is focused on you and what you would like to achieve.

What Is the Goal of Chiropractic?

Our chiropractors find the area of the spine that is not moving properly-that’s creating some inflammation which causes the nerves that are exiting that particular spinal segment to be inflamed. Through safe and effective chiropractic adjustments, nerve interference can be removed so the body can function optimally.

There are many techniques that we use in your chiropractic care:

Activator Methods® – Using a handheld, spring-loaded instrument, adjustments are delivered using a low-force thrust.

Cox Technique – This technique uses a special table to apply the distraction spinal manipulation adjustment.

Diversified – A manual adjusting technique, Diversified is used to free up stuck spinal joints.

Drop Table – This specific chiropractic method is a variation of the Diversified Technique. It uses a unique table with several segments called drop pieces, which aid the thrust while reducing the force applied for the manipulation/adjustment.

PulStar – This technique, which Dr. Purser uses, features modern technology to free-up joint fixation, relieve muscle spasms and restore normal joint function. This computer-assisted instrument uses low force and there’s no twisting or popping involved. It taps on each of the vertebrae and checks for the resilience or the motion of each segment. Then through a computer algorithm, it figures out which one is not moving freely and directs the doctor to go back to that level.

dr-michael-smiling-adjustmentQuantum Neurology® – This unique and cutting-edge healing system uses the nervous system to guide the patient’s care. Where this method shines is tying in the internal organs with the spinal column and the cranial nerves. Quantum Neurology can address conditions such as cranial nerve neuropathy from concussions and whiplash and other types of trauma. Both of our chiropractors are Quantum Neurology® Certified Practitioners.

Total Body Modification – This advanced kinesiology technique identifies imbalances in the body using muscle testing, then restores balance by stimulating reflex points on the spine.

Diagnostic muscle testing – Dr. Jones uses diagnostic muscle testing, which tests the end organ and the muscle associated with each spinal level and determines whether or not they’re functioning properly. If they’re not, then he knows which level and which direction need to be adjusted. Dr. Jones will perform a gentle adjustment to help restore that motion. After the muscle is retested, patients are astounded at the difference in the response that the body is able to provide.

You’re in Charge

“I tell my patients that they’re in charge; I’m here to assist and can offer five or six different ways to adjust any given segment,” said Dr. Jones. Our chiropractors always put patients at ease. If you feel uncomfortable while getting adjusted please let us know and we can use a different technique. We want you to feel comfortable at all times so you get the response you need.

How Nutrition Response Testing Helped Dr. Purser

Dr. Jones shares how his account of how this system of analysis saved Dr. Purser’s life.

About a dozen years ago, we thought were going to lose Dr. Purser. She had a chronic infection that would not go away and had to get increasingly stronger antibiotics. If she didn’t have the antibiotics within 24 hours, she’d go septic. None of the pharmacies in town had the antibiotics that she needed and it would take three days to get the antibiotics in.

If she got another acute infection, which she was getting about every six weeks to two months, we were going to lose her. She went to do Nutrition Response Testing, totally skeptical, and called me and said that she couldn’t find any holes in NRT. Dr. Purser said, “I think they can get me better and they can teach me how to help others.” So she had five weeks of training and then every month for a year to get her advanced clinical training.

We believe that Dr. Purser is the only one in the state that is advanced clinically trained in NRT. “She is exceptional and it saved her life.” As for the antibiotics, she hasn’t needed any since.


Does chiropractic treat disease?

No, we don’t treat disease processes-we treat the nerves of the spine. With our care, we’ve had pregnancies occur because the uterus is working better. We’ve had pregnancies occur because the testes are working as they should. Patients that had all sorts of internal ailments have gotten better after receiving chiropractic care.

Do you offer nutritional testing or guidance?

Yes, Dr. Purser does Nutrition Response Testing. By using this testing, she can analyze the body to identify the underlying causes of less-than-optimal health. She will not only let you know what nutritional formulas you need but how much you need and how long you need to take them.

Do you offer weight loss programs?

Yes, we offer Ideal Protein® Weight Loss, which is a ketogenic diet. The problem with most keto diet plans is they’re not balanced with minerals and supplements so that you start wasting muscle. The Ideal Protein system is very easy to do and you won’t feel like you’re being deprived or starved while you’re going through the four phases of the diet. Dr. Jones lost over 20 pounds on the program and has kept it off for more than two years.

Dr. Purser provides free coaching for the program. While many chiropractic offices that offer Ideal Protein charge for each office visit, we don’t. Dr. Purser just charges for the product when a patient is taking it. The process is to get them off the product by phase four of the program, so they’re eating normal, natural foods and still maintaining their weight goals.

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