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Meet Dr. Kenslie McOmber

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Discovering Chiropractic

Dr. Kenslie has always had a passion for health care and helping people. A college professor opened her eyes to a career in chiropractic. After shadowing several chiropractors while she was in college, she discovered it was a perfect fit for her. She made plans to attend chiropractic school at Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier, California.

Chiropractic Classes and Clinicals

As Dr. Kenslie began chiropractic school, she found enjoyment and excitement in every course. She knew she was on the right path to help people naturally as a chiropractor. Her confidence grew during her first weeks of clinical education, as her patients began feeling results and connecting with her.

Since her time in chiropractic school, Dr. Kenslie has helped educate her patients to become proactive about their health. She often incorporates Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) with chiropractic care. NRT helps her patients understand their bodies and guides them toward healthier food choices. The results are incredible!

Prioritizing Comfortable Care

Dr. Kenslie feels one of the best parts of working with patients at Bridger Chiropractic Clinic is the bonds she’s able to form. Regular chiropractic visits go beyond pain relief. Her laid-back, friendly approach empowers patients to share other symptoms and challenges, so she can develop a natural treatment plan to help.

Kids love Dr. Kenslie too! She has seen terrific results in treating children with both chiropractic care and NRT. Comfort is a top priority, and she’ll walk parents and kids through every step of the care plan.

Family Time

When she’s not at Bridger Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Kenslie loves spending time outdoors in Bozeman with her son and family. She enjoys hiking, camping, and reading. The family pets are usually nearby too. You’ll often find her sister’s puppy, Finch, in the office when you visit!

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