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Our Patients Love Nutrition Response Testing

Since implementing Nutrition Response Testing as part of our comprehensive care here at Bridger Chiropractic Clinic, our patients have noticed vast improvements in many facets of their health and are excited to share the experience.

If you’re ready to get started and begin a success story of your own, call our office to book your appointment.

Physically Sick

What was it like before you came in to see us?
“I was physically tired – sluggish with no energy. I had uncontrollable crying. I had stomach problems – digestive system blockage and gas. I was exhausted at night, but not sleeping well.”

How is it now?
“Not depressed – I am happy. I’m no longer sluggish and tired in the mornings. I work physically hard so am tired in the evenings, but I can get things done around the house and yard. I’m having soft bowel movements 3-4 times a day.” -RM

My Bod was Out of Balance

What was it like before you came in to see us?
“I didn’t feel like my whole self. I wasn’t thinking as clearly, my stamina was dropping. I knew my body was out of balance”.

How is it now?
“I feel sharper and more present. Better able to discern and make decisions. I am better able to make good food choices and I am losing weight. My blood pressure is going down. My energy levels remain steady throughout the day and I fall asleep easier than before. I am increasingly able to count on my body”. -SA

Stomach Issues

“My two and a half year old daughter was always sick to her stomach. Within a half hour of eating she would have to go to the bathroom and she would be sick and whiney the rest of the evening. This happened every night. I used to think she did it for attention then I decided something was wrong and chose to see Dr. Purser. In just one week of treatment she is doing much better. By changing her diet as instructed and taking the supplements she only had one night that was even a half as bad as she used to have before the program. Her stomach is not in turmoil anymore. She is a much happier little girl. She doesn’t whine anymore. It has been awesome!” -KY

Improved Health

“I was feeling OK but not great. I had made some diet changes on my own and was feeling better than I was a year ago, but still wanted to feel better. Medical doctors wanted to do some “exploratory” stuff and I declined – so glad I did!! [Since being on the program] I am feeling TONS better.Even with a nasty cough that I picked up I’m still doing great. My joints don’t hurt, my heart has stopped racing. Overall just amazing!” -CY

Spinal Cord Injury

“After surviving a serious spinal cord injury, I was left with poor digestive function. Thirteen years of specialists, laxatives, and countless doctor visits offered no help. I dreaded eating, as I was fully aware of the consequences that would follow. After 2 months on Dr. Purser’s program I am feeling much better. I am laxative free and enjoying my meals again. Thanks, Dr. Purser, for helping make my life healthier and more enjoyable.” -LT

Never Felt Healthy

“I have never in the course of my life felt completely healthy. I always have appeared healthy during physicals, I’ve never been overweight, I’ve always been active, and been healthy in every quantifiable manner, but never felt like I thought I should. Some of my more recent issues have included: contracting sicknesses often and easily, having periods of high physical strength and then complete weakness, needing to use the restroom excessively, having shaky hands, and especially being chronically exhausted to the point that I could fall asleep anywhere at most any time. My biggest problem however was a shortness of breath, I would sporadically feel a shortness of breath, and then experience what felt like a physical “block”, preventing me from breathing deeply enough to satisfy myself. Over the course of a few days, it intensified to the point that I got dizzy cleaning the house and didn’t want to even walk around in the grocery store because my breath couldn’t keep up. Read more of this story

Deciding that I needed to go have this looked at, I went to see a regular medical doctor. The conclusion of my doctor following chest exams, spirometery, chest x-rays, and ELG’s was that I was having panic attacks and needed some stress management and maybe a counselor even. I am a calm person. I was not having panic attacks and so to assuage my protests, my doctor referred me to a cardiologist who would be reviewing my EKG results anyway. When I went to see him a few days later, he first suggested panic attacks, but when I refused that as a possibility he discussed the possibility of thyroid issues and that he wanted to do some blood work to see. However, I had gone to see Dr. Purser the day before the cardiologist.

Dr. Purser had performed a quick procedure using a heart monitor, and then continued with her Nutritional Response Testing. In less than an hour, she had determined that my thyroid (an important regulatory system for the body) was overwhelmed and damaged, my lungs were stressed, my bladder the same, and that my adrenal glands (energy) were not up to par. Dr. Purser in the same procedure determined what my stressors were, for me, mainly refined sugars. She was also able to determine to what supplements my body would respond favorably. As a result of closely following a modified diet and taking the prescribed supplements, the periods of strength and weakness as well as my shakiness ceased immediately. My breathing improved a little more slowly but was at what I would consider 100% within 6 weeks. My energy levels were the last thing to improve, but they did, dramatically so, within a couple of months. That difficult to describe “sense of well-being” in relationship to my health has returned in a way that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. All without thousands of dollars of medical tests, needles, or drugs. I never did return to the cardiologist.” -DD

Several Health Issues

“I came to see Dr. Purser about six weeks ago, with several health issues that had eluded modern medicine. I’ve always been overweight, and for the past several years I’ve been treating high blood pressure with a ‘cocktail’ of various medications. I’ve also had moderate to severe edema in my right calf and ankle, and it had progressively grown worse and was increasing in the left calf and ankle. In addition, I had worsening discoloration in my legs and feet. My weight ballooned to over 300 pounds, mainly due to fluid buildup, and my blood pressure was out of control. My joints ached from all of the weight they were carrying, and it was difficult to climb more than one flight of stairs without becoming short of breath. To sum things up, I was a physical mess. I had no energy. I couldn’t sleep more than four or five hours per night, even though I was completely exhausted. Read more of this story

I had been visiting my family doctor during this time regarding my elevated blood pressure, and the answer was to try a different combination of medication, with the recommendation I continue to wear support stockings and try to lose weight. About two weeks before I first saw Dr. Purser, I had a physical examination. My glucose and cholesterol levels were normal, but the urinalysis detected there was blood present. The doctor immediately ordered a CAT scan, thinking it might be kidney stones or perhaps a tumor. It was discovered to be a small kidney stone.

On my first visit to Dr. Purser I was asked to lie on an examining table.She placed various supplements on my body, and in a very short time determined I am extremely allergic to refined sugar. I thought this to be peculiar – having supplements placed on my body, and she being able to quickly size things up. I was thinking this is ‘voodoo medicine’ at its best, until Dr. Purser slid a hand under my back and after examination determined one kidney was functioning properly, but there was an issue with the second. Dr. Purser had no prior knowledge of my kidney stones – maybe this wasn’t ‘voodoo medicine’ after all!

Fast forward to today. I have eliminated refined sugar from my diet, am keeping a daily log of what I eat, and take the supplements as directed. My blood pressure has, for the most part, returned to normal (I’m still taking traditional medications), the swelling in my calves and ankles has vastly improved, and the discoloration in my legs and feet continues to lessen each week. I’ve lost 24 pounds during this time, have significantly higher energy levels, the joint pain has decreased (although not completely gone), and I can now climb three or four flights of stairs and not be totally out of breath. I have been sleeping much better, and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, rather than feeling exhausted and depressed.

I’m not being critical of modern medicine; I still believe it to be extremely important. I have come to believe modern medicine and alternative healing methods can and should co-exist. Although I’m still overweight, I look forward to losing more and getting in better health. I highly recommend this program. I had just about given up hope of ever being able to improve my health. It works! -TA

Seasonal Depression

“Before seeing Dr. Purser I was experiencing seasonal depression. I had severe mood swings, I would feel fine one minute and angry and upset the next without knowing why. Occasionally I would get stressed and begin crying and not know the reason nor be able to control the emotion. I also had frequent cravings for sugary food and also found myself bingeing on fast food. I had absolutely no motivation in any aspect of my life; from school, church or relationships. I also slept as much as possible but never felt rested and didn’t have the energy to get out of bed. Daily debilitating headaches made life miserable and a lack of brainpower made getting through the day very challenging. I felt hopeless all of the time and not feeling like I was in control of my life or my emotions. Read more of this story

Now, as a 23 year old female I feel so much healthier. I now can sleep at night and feel resting in the morning, I cannot remember a time when I have slept so well and soundly. I also can control my eating habits much easier and do not binge as I did before. I also have energy that did not exist before. I am a much more pleasant person to be around now that the mood swings are under control. I do not have crying spells for unknown reasons and feel like I once again have gained control. I now have motivation to do things and no longer feel like my brain is in a fog. I feel that with Dr. Purser’s NRT treatment I have improved my eating habits sleep quality, relationships and overall well being” -DY

Dr. Purser would love to help give you the nutritional tools to live your best life. Call today to find out more.

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