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Erchonia Laser in Bozeman

Our Advanced Training

Dr. Jones performing laser on patientDr. Purser and Dr. Jones were among the first chiropractors in the area to be trained in the use of a low level laser, or cold laser. They have both had advanced post-graduate seminars on the use of the Erchonia lasers. Each has attended multiple seminars, including those taught by Dr. Jeff Spencer who was the Sports Chiropractor for the US Postal cycling team.

Why Erchonia?

One of the pioneers of this new technology, and the first to gain FDA approval for their instruments is the Erchonia Company. Erchonia Medical Lasers made history on January 17, 2002 by being the first Low Level Laser manufacturer to be given marketing clearance as Adjunctive Use in Pain Therapy for the treatment of chronic neck and shoulder pain.

How Laser Treatment Works

Many theories exist as to the mechanism of action for low level laser therapy but simply put, photonic energy is absorbed by the photo receptor sites on the cell membrane which trigger a secondary messenger to initiate a cascade of intracellular signals that initiate, inhibit or accelerate biological processes such as wound healing, inflammation, or pain management.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy has been successfully used to treat many conditions such as acute and chronic pain reduction, repetitive use disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, soft tissue strains and sprains, inflammation reduction, enhanced tissue wound healing, and cell regeneration.

The treatment is pain free and has no known side effects.

With our advanced techniques and comprehensive care, we can help you get out of pain and live your life fully. Call today to get started.

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