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Erchonia Laser in Bozeman

Why Erchonia?

One of the pioneers of this new technology, and the first to gain FDA approval for their instruments is the Erchonia Company. Erchonia Medical Lasers made history on January 17, 2002, by being the first Low Level Laser manufacturer to be given marketing clearance as Adjunctive Use in Pain Therapy for the treatment of chronic neck and shoulder pain.

How Laser Treatment Works

Many theories exist as to the mechanism of action for low level laser therapy but simply put, photonic energy is absorbed by the photoreceptor sites on the cell membrane which trigger a secondary messenger to initiate a cascade of intracellular signals that initiate, inhibit or accelerate biological processes such as wound healing, inflammation or pain management.

At MIT and Harvard, they have a biophotonics major now, which is the study of the cells’ response to laser light. They found that when a 635-nanometer pulsed red light is used on a particular area, the mitochondria of this cell can produce up to 42 times more ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is what the cell uses for energy, in the presence of the laser light than it can without.

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy has been successfully used to treat many conditions and has many benefits including the following:

  • Relieves acute and chronic pain
  • Addresses repetitive use disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Helps heal soft tissue strains and sprains
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Enhance tissue wound healing
  • Regenerates cells


Is it painful to receive laser therapy?

No, it’s a painless modality with no known side effects.

What does it feel like to receive laser therapy?

Most people will feel nothing during their treatment sessions.

How long does it take for laser therapy to work?

While some people feel improvements after their first treatment, more commonly the results are cumulative with a difference noticed after 2-4 sessions.

Quantum Neurology®

This groundbreaking healing system employs lasers. Many people are using laser light showers and lasers in various ways. Where Quantum Neurology shines is it does it in such a way that it tells the brain to identify the neurological circuit that’s not functioning well. Then this system has a way of telling the brain to apply this inner laser energy to this particular circuit, not to the body in general. The result is powerfully effective.

What to expect

With this method, Dr. Jones discovers the lesion or the area of dysfunction through muscle testing. He will perform a manual adjustment to that region. Then he starts the Quantum Neurology therapy, which involves a two-pronged instrument that taps on the vertebrae, and two lasers-one to the internal organ associated with that spinal level and one on the spinal level.

Dr. Jones then has them contract back the weak muscle and that tells the brain to apply the energy to that spot. He retests the muscle and patients are astounded by their results.

It typically takes 90 to 120 days to heal damaged tissue at the spinal cord level. Cranial nerves that are treated with Quantum Neurology usually respond in four to six treatments. While many offices say that 20 to 30 treatments need to be given over that 90 to 120-day period, most of Dr. Jones’ patients come in 10 to 12, or maybe 15 times in that three-to-four-month period.


A Patient Success Story

One patient, who graduated at the top of her class, was dyslexic and couldn’t read out loud because the words jumped around on the page. She could, however, understand the concepts. After one session of laser therapy, she was able to read aloud the next day. The patient was shocked by the incredible results because she didn’t know that’s what Dr. Jones was treating.

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